COTA Austin – US Grand Prix and transportation options for F1

Austin is home to the only Formula 1 event in the US. The Circuit of the Americas venue (COTA) is by many accounts one of the best race tracks in North America with exciting turns and dramatic hills, challenging the drivers and exciting the spectators. Located near the airport, the COTA venue is about 15-20 minutes from Downtown, and 40 minutes from North Austin. Depending on the weather and the affluence, the driving time can vary.

F1 Group Transport

For example, the 2016 race was marked with inclement weather which lead to COTA transportation issues and traffic woes. It is recommended that travelers secure their F1 transportation many weeks in advance; especially group transportation that require Coach buses (55 people) or Mercedes Sprinter Vans (14 people). Sedan and SUV service is also in high demand around the United States Gran Prix and booking in advance insures that you and your party are guaranteed a reliable and safe transportation for the big event.

Ride sharing companies are quickly overwhelmed as thousands of people try to book at the same time, making it a real hassle to get to COTA and also to go back to the city.

For all these reasons, we recommend that you secure your COTA transportation by booking in advance to enjoy the race without worrying about getting in and out of COTA.